Redmond Learning Center opened its doors in 1994 as a  product of collaboration between business and service organizations. It began with a committee whose mission was to study the current and future childcare needs in the Redmond community. On the committee were representatives from businesses, early childhood education programs,
Childcare Resources and Referral services, community service organizations, Redmond High School, the local hospital, the city of Redmond and many volunteers. The results indicated a great need for high-quality, affordable,  flexible, childcare for children.

RLC has grown and continued to successfully operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, state certified & licensed child care and preschool facility. The center operates primarily on funds from enrollment tuition, grants, and donations. Families of all economic levels are served at RLC. There are programs available to accommodate working families, teen-parents families attending classes, families of school-age children, and families seeking a learning environment for their preschooler or toddler. Today RLC is the only childcare center in the area which offers care for infants and toddlers, and which offers care to children on a drop-in as needed basis.

RLC worked directly with Redmond High School, providing an accredited practicum teacher internship, the School-to-Work program, and the Leadership Class. Each school year over 20 students pass through our doors; offering their assistance and energy.

The center was originally licensed to house 49 children at one time, but after a reconstruction project performed in 2007, it can now enroll up to 70 children. There are further reconstruction plans for 2008 year, at that time a school age center could be certified to increase enrollment to 85. RLC owns a van for before and after-school transportation, and for class field trips. RLC facilities are currently on the Redmond High School campus, and within easy walking distance to the Cascades Swim Center and Fair Haven Park.